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Vehicle Maintenance Tip

Check all tires for proper inflation pressure including the spare tire on a monthly basis. Tires lose pressure every month due to normal leakage. Tire pressure information can usually be found on the inside of the driver’s door.
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About the Program

Photograph of country road.Clean air and safe roads have long been important for Massachusetts. The Commonwealth started to inspect vehicles for safety defects over 60 years ago, and has one of the longest-running safety inspection programs in the country. In 1983, Massachusetts became one of the first states in the country to start testing vehicle emissions. As vehicles have become more sophisticated, the tests have been updated to ensure that, to the extent possible, problems are identified and repaired before they create risks to public health and safety.

Introduced in October 2008, today’s Massachusetts Vehicle Check Program provides a combined safety and emissions inspection:

  • All vehicles driven on Massachusetts roads must pass an annual safety inspection.

  • In addition, vehicles with onboard diagnostic systems, manufactured after model year 2000, must pass an annual emissions test.

  • Inspections are offered at more than 1,900 licensed inspection stations.

  • Fleets of commercial vehicles can be tested by mobile inspectors who bring testing equipment to company lots, or by a company employee who is licensed to conduct inspections.

  • The Massachusetts Vehicle Check for commercial vehicles is equivalent to the annual Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) “DOT” inspection. This allows commercial vehicle owners to meet state and federal requirements with one inspection.

  • The Massachusetts Vehicle Check annual inspection fee is $35 for most vehicles. Inspection stations providing a commercial inspection are permitted to charge the market rate for this inspection, consistent with nationwide industry practice.

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