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Vehicle Maintenance Tip

Check all tires for proper inflation pressure including the spare tire on a monthly basis. Tires lose pressure every month due to normal leakage. Tire pressure information can usually be found on the inside of the driver’s door.
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Inspection Industry: Helpful Hints for Vehicle Inspection

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  • Be Careful at the End of Test VIR/Sticker Print:


    STEP 1 - Scan the 2D barcode.

    At the end of the Inspection, the workstation prompts the Inspector to scan the two 2D barcode from the printed VIR.

    If you are unable to scan the 2D barcode hit [ESC]. You will then have 3 options:

    (A) Vehicle has left the station
    (B) VIR/Sticker did not print
    (C) VIR/Sticker is damaged

    (A) If you cannot enter the VIN because the vehicle has left the station with the sticker, hit [ESC] and select (A) Vehicle has left the station, follow the prompts to scan the next sticker in the printer tray.

    (B) If the sticker does not print, hit [ESC] and select (B) VIR/Sticker did not print. You will be prompted to enter the vehicle’s VIN. The vehicle VIN can be scanned from the vehicle’s VIN plate or entered manually using the keyboard. Once you enter the VIN, the workstation will attempt to print another sticker.

    (C) If the sticker barcode cannot be scanned, hit [ESC] and select (C) VIR/Sticker is damaged. You will be prompted to enter the vehicle’s VIN. The vehicle VIN can be scanned from the vehicle’s VIN plate or entered manually using the keyboard. Once you enter the VIN, the workstation will attempt to print another sticker.


  • STEP 2 - Scan the 1D barcode.

    This pre-printed barcode contains the sticker number. This number must always match the "expected" sticker number assigned by the workstation that is printed on the VIR in the upper left hand column, under the "Overall Result" section.

    If you cannot scan the 1D barcode, press the [ESC] key and enter the vehicle’s VIN. The workstation will print another sticker. DO NOT SHUT DOWN THE WORKSTATION IF YOU HAVE A STICKER PRINTING PROBLEM –Call the Station Support Helpdesk.

    If you scan the 1D barcode from an unexpected sticker that is assigned to your workstation, you will be asked if you want to try again. Selecting (Y)es will prompt you to try and scan the 1D barcode again.

    If you select (N)o, another sticker will print after confirming the sticker numbering sequence. FOLLOW THE SCREEN PROMPTS TO COMPLETE THE BARCODE SCANNING

    You must save all voided and damaged stickers for RMV.

  • Loading VIR/Sticker Stock - Be sure to load the stock properly:

    Load into the top printer tray;

    Load the stock face down, sticker to the rear;

    When loaded properly, the sticker should be in the right-rear corner of the tray.

    Do not get stickers out of order, or you will have trouble completing inspections. They come shipped in the correct order so that when you load them, the lowest number is on the top. Load new stickers underneath any older stickers in the tray.

    When in doubt, the "Status Screen" tells you which sticker number should be printed out next.

  • Scanning Inspector 1D Barcodes

    Be careful to scan only the 2D barcode on your inspector license. If you are in the habit of accidentally scanning the 1D barcode, cover the 1D barcode with a piece of tape to make barcode scanning easier.

    If you scan the wrong barcode type, the workstation will tell you to try it again. You must hit [ENTER] before trying again.

  • Inspections on vehicles that have a previous year's sticker

    Scan the 2D barcode on the sticker when asked to enter the VIN. This will retrieve the VIN and registration information from the previous inspection and save you time! This works for retests, and when you inspect the same vehicle next year where the vehicle’s registration data has not changed.

    What happens if the license plate information has changed and no longer matches the vehicle presented for inspection? You are able to change Plate Type and Plate Number after previous year’s windshield sticker has been scanned.

    After scanning the windshield sticker, use the Up Arrow button to move the cursor to with the Plate Type or Plate Number field and edit the plate type and/or plate number fields with the correct information.

  • Correcting Mistakes After Entering Vehicle Information with a keyboard.

    If you make a mistake entering vehicle information (e.g., Vehicle Type, GVWR, Odometer, Body Style) and hit [ENTER] to advance the cursor to the next field, you cannot go back and change a field on that screen.

    Do not abort the inspection. Instead, finish the remaining entries and go to the next Confirm Information screen. The Confirm Information screen prompts inspectors with the question: "Continue with Inspection?" Select [NO], and the workstation software will take you back to the previous screen where you can then make the necessary corrections.

    NOTE: The type of emission or safety inspection is determined by the information you enter in to the workstation. If at any point during the inspection you realize the wrong information has been entered and cannot be changed, abort the inspection and start over.

  • Hitting [ESC] to Abort an Inspection - your options include:

    Abort the inspection - this logs you out and takes you back to the main menu.

    Restart the inspection - this takes you back to the VIN and Registration data entry page. This saves time if you just want to restart the inspection on the same vehicle.

  • Obtaining the Vehicle’s correct GVWR:

    If the workstation allows the Inspector to enter / update the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) value, be sure to enter the correct value. The workstation will calculate the type of inspection of this value. The GVWR value can be located from:

    • Door pillar tag – GVWR only (you may need to combine front and rear if listed separately)
    • Online VIN decoder, such as

    If you are unable to locate the value, call us and we can provide you the correct value. We can be reached by calling the Technical Support Hotline (877) 834‐4677 or the nearest MAC.

    Entering the wrong GVWR value may subject the vehicle to the wrong inspection type. Once the inspection has completed, you will need to call the Support Hotline to correct your mistake. Repeating the Inspection will not fix the problem.

    DO NOT obtain the GVWR value from the vehicle’s registration.

  • Be sure the vehicle mileage / odometer reading is entered accurately.

    This data is very important, for many reasons! Be sure the value is the odometer reading, not the 'Trip' or 'Fuel' mileage. Enter exactly as shown on the odometer (miles not kilometers). Do not add digits for assumed odometer “rollovers”. Enter 'Broken' for vehicles equipped with a digital displayed that no longer displays a value.

  • Please check your printer periodically (Daily) for paper level and low toner alerts. If you are low on toner or paper, call the Technical Support Hotline (877) 834‐4677 right away to avoid down time.

  • Periodically check your Inspector and Station License expiration dates. Your Inspector badge displays an expiration date. The workstation status screen displays the Station expiration date. Also remember if your driver’s license expires, you will not be able to perform inspections until it is renewed.

  • Remember to shut down your workstation (from the Main Menu) periodically.

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