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Vehicle Maintenance Tip

If the Check Engine or Service Engine Light blinks or flashes while the engine is running, your vehicle has a serious emissions-related problem that needs immediate attention in order to prevent permanent catalytic converter damage.
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Information for Motorists: Emissions Test Results Lookup

You can use this Emissions Tests Results Lookup to see how your vehicle compares to other vehicles, to see if your vehicle’s diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is common, or to research whether the kind of used vehicle that you may be thinking about buying has any common on-board diagnostics (OBD) test failures. This lookup function will allow you to research either a particular kind of vehicle subject to the OBD emissions testing or a particular DTC.

The lookup function retrieves data from the start of the Massachusetts Vehicle Check Program, October 1, 2008, to the present date. Data is currently available for 1996 to 2007 model years. Data for OBD test counts and DTC counts is updated every 10 minutes. Data for OBD monitor not ready rates is updated nightly.

Using the Vehicle tab, after you select a vehicle to research, the Web site will display:

  • The number of initial OBD tests performed on the kind of vehicle selected;
  • The overall OBD test failure rate;
  • The OBD diagnostic link connector (DLC) failure rate;
  • The OBD communication failure rate;
  • The OBD Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)-on failure rate; and
  • The OBD monitor not ready rate for each readiness monitor.

Using the DTC Category tab, after you select a DTC Category and/or a specific DTC to research, the Web site will display:

  • The respective initial OBD failure rate with that DTC; and
  • The top 25 kinds of vehicles with that DTC.

Once either of these two reports appear on screen, you may click the underlined data to see more specific information. Because these reports contain lots of information, you may want to review the attached sample files that have explanations of what data you’ll see on each report.

  • Click here for a 2003 Acura MDX Vehicle Report sample.
  • Click here for a 2003 Acura MDX Oxygen Sensor DTC Report sample.
  • Click here for an Oxygen Sensor Category DTC Report sample.
  • Click here for an Oxygen Sensor P0130 DTC Report sample.

Note: If the drop-down lists do not expand when you click on the arrows, click here to open a new window where they will work.

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